About Me


I am an amateur astronomer in San Francisco Bay Area.

My interest in the Astronomy began when I was a boy  (in China). I learned all major constellations, observed Solar and Lunar eclipse, meteor showers and comets with naked eyes. I received my first telescope (80mm refactor) in my middle school, with which I studied the Moon and some bright deep sky objects. I was so thrilled on the day when I got it, though the quality of the telescope was not good even then. I used it almost on every clear night, even on bitter winter.

I re-allocated to US in 2000. Here I found that being an amateur could not be happier: easy transportation to dark site, cleaner air with more clear sky (except marine layer), more choices of affordable telescope/imaging equipments, and  easy to obtain resources.

I acquired an Orion XT 10″ DOB to continue visual observation of deep sky objects, including Messier and Herschel list (~1000 objects), carbon stars, double stars, comets and asteroids. I also started my imaging journey recently, where I am still considering myself as a beginner. You can find some of the images that I captured and processed in this blog, as well as major astro events that I have been to.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. incredible images, I have been thinking of attempting some astrophotgraphy with my CGEM but been fighting with what I need to power it. Mind if I ask what you might be using for a power pack / source and how you go about recharging them in the field?

    – RSR

  2. Raney,

    You can get a deep cycle battery from either Walmart or Costco and build your own field battery pack following the instruction from http://myastroimages.com/Equipment/Telescope_Field_Battery_DIY. I did mine about 3 years ago and it works flawlessly since then.

    Regarding recharging battery in the filed, I plan to use solar panel, which I just ordered and am still waiting it to be delivered. http://www.amazon.com/Solar-Panel-Starter-100W-Monocrystalline/dp/B00BFCNFRM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405276205&sr=8-2&keywords=solar+panel. I dont have any experience with solar panel yet and am eager to test it out when I receive mine.

    • Thanks for the reply! I have a AGM I picked up a few weeks after talking to a few TAC members. I’ll have to look into the case configuration you linked. And please post your experiences with the Solar panel(s) and charge system you use.

      • Finally got a chance to test it out last weekend.
        I took a full night imaging on Friday night, using my 120AH marine battery to power CGEM mount, STF8300C, Orion SSAG,USB hub and MacBoo Air. There was 75% of charge left which was measured with my battery charger. I then setup solar panel to charge the battery at backyard, it went up to 95% after 6 hours of charging (I am not sure if the panel stopped charging since it indicated that the battery was almost full).
        Overall it seems a very good power solution for field use, except that the size is larger than I have expected (but still can fit into my car backseat).

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