2010/12/20 Total Lunar Eclipse

It has been a really stormy Dec, I have not even seen a trace of blue sky for at least 2 weeks prior to the eclipse. When I checked weather forecast a week before the event, all I could see was rainy/overcast. Nobody in bay area had any hope to view this eclipse. However a quick and strong winter storm plowed through bay area right before eclipse started, left much needed cloudy sky to view the event, before the next storm moved in.

Since weather was most cloudy and there was still occasional a few drops of rain, I set up my scope and mount in my backyard for quick observation. The Moon was completely blocked around the greatest eclipse, but the sky was clear from time to time for the rest of totality, which allowed me to take pictures of colorful Moon over starry sky.

This composite is consisted of 18 images throughout the eclipse.

This composite shows the change of the brightness and color of the Moon, prior to and throughout the totality. The exposure of each image is 1s @ ISO 800.

This 10-pane composite shows crescent shape of the Moon while approaching the 2nd contact.

This composite shows turquoise color seen during the eclipse. The exposure of each image is 1/5s @ ISO800.

22h27m22s, 1/500s @ ISO800
Full Moon

22h45m00s, 1/1600s @ ISO800
Lunar Eclipse

22h58m08s, 1/50s @ ISO800
Earth shadow and transition region

23h07m03s, 1/15s @ ISO800
Earth shadow

23h22m07s, 1/500s @ ISO800
Crescent Moon

23h40m53s, 5s @ ISO800
Double Occultation, Occult Double

This is a very special image, which I took just by fortune. The moon was about to occult a double star XZ33749 (just below the Moon), whose primary is 9.53m and secondary is 9.8m, 8.9″ apart.

23h52m00s, 5s @ ISO800
Colorful Moon over starry sky

This is the one of the most dramatic Lunar Eclipse images I have taken, which shows orange red Moon and many background stars

23h52m16s, 1s @ ISO800
Red Moon

The time of the eclipse:
The 1st contact: 22:32:38
The 2nd contact: 23:40:48
The greatest eclipse: 00:18:04
The 3rd contact: 00:53:09
The 4th contact: 02:01:09

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
– ES Comet Hunter
– Canon XS


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