2015/04/04 Total Lunar Eclipse

This is the third of a series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses visible from US in year 2014 and 2015. This is also a very special total eclipse, not because the Moon set shortly after the eclipse was over viewed at San Jose (so you could see Red Moon twice at that night), but it is the shortest total eclipse in almost 5 centuries. However some believe that it might just a partial eclipse as the Moon seemed never get dark.

Since the Moon was going to set right after 4th contact, I went to Henry Coe State Park for its wide open western horizon. The weather was clear entire night, though there might have been one or two very thin high clouds passed by.

This composite is consisted of 21 images throughout the eclipse.

This composite shows turquoise color seen during the eclipse. The exposure of each image is 2.5s @ ISO200.

This 26-pane composite shows the shape of the Moon while approaching the 2nd contact.

This composite shows the change of the brightness and color of the Moon, prior to and throughout the totality. From this composite, you can see that the moon always has some bright portion even within totality. The exposure of each image is 5s @ ISO 200.

03:09:57, 1/800s @ ISO200
Full moon with visible earth shadow

03:50:10, 1/10s @ISO200
Over exposure showed transition region of earth shadow

03:51:57, 1/160s @ ISO200
Half way through

04:05:11, 1s @ ISO200
Moon in the Earth shadow

04:05:17, 2.5s @ ISO200
Moon in the Earth shadow

04:20:14, 2.5s @ ISO200
Red and turquoise color

04:36:57, 1/10s @ ISO200
Crescent Moon, approaching to 2nd contact

04:55:27s, 10s @ ISO200
Red Moon at 2nd contact

04:59:38, 5s @ ISO200
Red Moon at greatest Eclipse

05:15:20, 5s @ ISO200
Moon after 3rd contact

05:48:56, 1/25s @ ISO200
1/3 of Moon emerged from Earth shadow

06:33:57, 1/50s @ ISO200
Moon became yellow as it started to set

06:37:26, 1/25s @ ISO200
Yellow moon approaching 4th contact

06:51:06, 1/50s @ ISO200
Red Moon after 4th contact, with Earth shadow visible, setting over coastal ridge across the silicon valley

The time of the eclipse:
The 1st contact: 03:15:48
The 2nd contact: 04:57:58
The greatest eclipse: 05:00:17
The 3rd contact: 05:02:37
The 4th contact: 06:44:48

Location:Henry Coe Stat Park, Morgan Hill, CA
– AT111EDT
– AT72ED
– Canon T3i


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