NGC281 – Pacman Nebula (2015/10/09)

Captured narrowband images. RGB version can be found here.

NGC281 – Ha(HaR)GB


NGC281 – Hubble Palette

This is the first try of NGC281 using Hubble palette, though there is no famous magenta stars, the star color is still not correct.


NGC281 – Hubble Palette

This is the second try of Hubble palette. I managed to remove the magenta color and stars look more nature in this image.

Date: 10/09/2015

Exposure: Ha – 24×20′, bias/dark/flat calibrated

Data: 10/11/2015

Exposure: O3 – 17×20′, S2 – 7×20′ bias/dark/flat calibrated

Equipment: STF8300M + Baader Ha/O3/S2 + OAG, AT111EDT on CGEM

Software: Pixinsight

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