M33 – Triangulum Galaxy (2016/10/08)

Added Ha to OSC RGB image. These Ha subs were taken after my friend and I hosted a public star party. The sky looked great after people left, so I decided to stay to take some Ha images as MB OSP has some light pollution from nearby silicon valley.

When I first blent Ha and RGB, the overall color of the image turned to blue, which made it impossible to correct the color in post processing. I tried different blend ratio and it did not help. After digging it up, it seemed like the background color was biased to Red while non background was not , probably due to OSC and Mono CCD difference (not exactly sure why). So I used pix math to correct the background color first. Then color looked normal, at least to my eyes.

Ha does add more detail to Ha region, but I am no satisfied with the overall color and details, HaRGB is more blurred that OSC. I will need to re-process it again later. Maybe I should also get RGB data with Mono CCD.

M33 (2016/10/08)

Exposure: Ha – 10×1200″

Date: 2016/10/08

Location: Montebello OSP, CA

Condition: Excellent transparency, excellent seeing

Equipment: STF8300M + Baader LRGB/Ha/O3/S2 + OAG, AT111EDT on Mach1.

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