Comet 252P/LINEAR

“Comet 252P/LINEAR is a periodic comet and near-Earth object discovered by the LINEAR survey on April 7, 2000. The comet is an Earth-Jupiter family comet, meaning that it passes quite close to both Earth and Jupiter. This causes its orbit to be perturbed frequently on an astronomical timescale.”  (from Wikipedia)

This is the first time I tracked on comet using PHD2 comet guiding + Ceil Skychart, as described here: It was super easy to use and the result looked great. One thing to note that you need to configure PHD2 (ie, focus length and pixel size) for it to track correctly.


Date: 04/30/2016
Location: Montebello OSP, CA
Condition: excellent transparency, excellent seeing, last quater moon
Equipment: AT111EDT on CGEM, guided on Comet with OAG-8300/ST-i. STF8300M+FW8+Baader LRGB
Exposure: L – 5’x 5, Dark/Bias/Flat calibrated
Software: Pixinsight