2015/09/27 Total Lunar Eclipse

This is the last of a series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses visible from US in year 2014 and 2015. On the west coast, the Moon rises just before the total phase starts.  The sky was completely clouded out in the morning and afternoon, but we were lucky enough that the western and northern sky cleared up right before sunset, although the remaining thick low clouds in eastern and southern sky blocked the red Moon completely.


2015/09/27 Total Lunar Eclipse Composite

The lunar eclipse was coincident with Chinese Autumn Festival, and for its great timing, I set up my telescope in the park near my house, and invited many friend and my kids classmates to observe the eclipse and celebrate the festival. There were more than 60 kids and parents (maybe even more) showed up, most of them have never seen the Moon through the telescope before, they were all very excited about observing the eclipse with the telescope.




Telescope and the Eclipse


20h30m20s, 1s @ ISO 400
Red and Turquoise Moon


21h30m58s, 1/1250s @ ISO 400
Super Moon


Super Moon vs Macro Moon Eclipse

This lunar eclipse was also special because the moon was called supermoon. Super moon is when the full moon is near the Perigee, so the moon looks larger and brighter than normal full moon.

So how much bigger is the super Moon? I compared it with the total lunar eclipse took place on4/4/2015, when the Moon was close to smallest. Both were taken with the same equipments. I measured, the super Moon was ~13% larger in diameter.


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