M16 – Eagle Nebula (2015/07/18)

I took M16 RGB on the 2nd night of GSSP 2015. I planned to take Ha and/or L but got clouded out on the last two night, so I need to wait until next year.


M16 RGB (07/18/2015 – GSSP 2015)

Date: 07/18/2015
Location: GSSP – Adin, CA
Condition: excellent transparency, excellent seeing
Equipment: AT111EDT on CGEM, guided by OAG-8300/ST-i. STF8300M+FW8+Baader LRGB
Exposure: R – 900sx5, G – 900sx5, B – 900sx5, Dark/Bias/Flat calibrated
Software: Pixinsight


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