Rho Ophiuchi (2015/06/13)

This is the center region of the famous Rho Ophiuchi clouds, it looks very plain though in this close up image, as the only feature is the blue reflection nebula.


Date: 06/13/2015, 6/14/2015

Location: Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, CA
Condition: 6/13 – excellent transparency, average seeing; 6/14- excellent transparency, excellent seeing, dew
Equipment: AT111EDT on CGEM, guided by OAG-8300/ST-i. STF8300M+FW8+Baader LRGB
Exposure: L – 900sx13, R – 900sx6, G – 900sx5, B – 900sx5, Dark/Bias/Flat calibrated
Software: Pixinsight

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