2008/02/20 Total Lunar Eclipse

The sky was mostly cloudy (sometime the Moon was completely clouded out) throughout the entire eclipse. I took some pictures with my digital camera on tripod at my backyard, so the Moon appeared blurry with long exposure.


This is 8-pane composite from mid total eclipse to the forth contact.


19h41m, 8s @ ISO 400
Total eclipse


19h50m, 8s @ ISO 400
Total eclipse

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Equipment: Panasonic DMC-FZ18

Partial Eclipse Begins: 17:43:19 (not visible)
Total Eclipse Begins: 19:01:10
Greatest Eclipse: 19:26:05
Total Eclipse Ends: 19:50:57
Partial Eclipse Ends: 21:08:47

M51- Whirlpool Galaxy (2015/04/18)

It was another great night at Henry Coe, the sky was clear, with excellent seeing and transparency. The parking lot was full of campers’ cars however due to spring break.

This was my first filed test my OAG-8300 and ST-i, with Moonlite motor focuser. Both worked great, esp motor focuser + FocusMax combination, which made focus extremely simple.

I did not have enough time to take RGB subs so I stayed with L subs. The result was better than I expected. Only 2-3 slightly out of focus subs were discarded due to sudden drop of temperature, where I did not re-focus in time. I will try to enable TempComp next time to see if it helps.


Date: 04/18/2015

Location: Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill, CA
Condition: excellent transparency, excellent seeing
Equipment: AT111EDT on CGEM, guided by OAG-8300/ST-i. STF8300M+FW8+Baader LRGB
Exposure: L – 900sx22, Dark/Bias/Flat calibrated
Software: Pixinsight