M65 Trio (2015/02/14)


I could only capture R and G subs on 2/19 at Henry Coe, where the marine layer covered all directions and sky was completely dark, so I had to head to MonteBello OSP on 2/23 despite of windy condition and poor seeing to get B subs. The B subs have much brighter background (due to light pollution), larger star size (due to poor seeing) and noticeable field rotation (due to some tracking issue).

Overall result is much better than the same object I did last year with STF8300C, lots of details were brought out by L subs, esp M66 core region.

Data & Location:
02/14/2015, Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill, CA. Clear, dry, excellent transparency and seeing.
02/19/2015, Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill, CA. Clear, heavy dew & cold turned to dry & warm, excellent transparency and very good seeing. Completely dark at after sunset as marine layer covered all directions.
02/23/2015, MonteBello OPS, CA. Clear, dry & cold, windy, Very good transparency and slightly below average seeing.

L – 17×15′ Bin1x1 (taken on 02/14/2015), R – 9×15′ Bin1x1 (taken on 02/19/2015), G – 8×15′ Bin1x1 (take on 02/19/2015), B – 6×15′ Bin1x1 (taken on 02/23/2015). Bias/Dark/Flat calibrated

AT111EDT + CGEM + STF8300M + Baader LRGB
AT72ED + Orion SSAG

Nebulosity + PHD2 + Pixinsight

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