M42 – Orion Nebula (2014/01/24)

While waiting M81/M82 to rise, I took some images of M42 and combined them with HDRcomposition using pixinsight. I tried a few different processing options, results are shown below.

The first one with HDR Multiscale Transformation only.


M42 – HDR

The second one with HDR Multiscale Transformation and Auto Histogram.


M42 – HDR with AutoHistogram

The last one with HDR Multiscale Transformation and Local Histogram Equalization.


M42 – HDR with LHE

300sx8, 120sx14, 60sx10, 30sx12 subs, dark/bias/flat calibrated
Data: 01/24/2014
Location: MonteBello OSP, CA
Condition: Clear
Imaging: AT111 EDT/CGEM/STF8300C
Guiding: AT72ED/Orion SSAG/PHD
Software: Pixinsight

M45 – Pleiades (2013/11/02)


Data: 2013/11/02

Location: Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill, CA

Condition: Clear

Exposure: 300 x 11 subs, dark calibrated (You can see a dust spot on the bottom of the picture, which I did not crop away).

Imaging: AT111 EDT/CGEM/Canon T3i at ISO1600

Guding: AT72ED/Orion SSAG/PHD

Software: Pixinsight