2012/06/05 Transit of Venus Photo Gallery

This post includes some photos taken during the transit, click here to see the details of the transit viewing event.

My Kids

My kids in front of the telescopes, taken at 14h17m, before the transit began.

Composite Transit of Venus Ingress Photo
ISO100, 1/500s

This composite photo contains 15 cropped photos  (100% zoom, un-processed) taken between the 1st and 2nd contact.

The first 5 photos show detailed progress of 1st contact. The Venus is already visible in the 1st picture (a tiny dent on edge of the Sun), which was taken just 16s after predicted time. The 2nd picture was taken 3s after I had noticed the Venus visually using liveview of T3i camera.  In the picture taken at 15h23m29s and 15h23m50s, blackdrop effect is clearly visible.

The Venus in most of these photos is blurry due to wind and seeing.

15h15m00s, ISO100, 1/500s
Mid Ingress

This photo was take at 15h15m00s, when Venus was about half way through the ingress.

16h50m00s, ISO100, 1/500s
Venus Transit

This photo was taken at 16h50m00s and it was the sharpest photos for the transit.

Transit of Venus Composite Photo
ISO100, 1/500s

Stack of 9 photos (100% zoom, un-processed) taken at: 15h20m00s, 15h49m00s, 16h19m59s, 16h50m00s, 17h20m00s, 17h50m00s, 18h20m00s, 18h50m00s, 19h19m59s. Note: The it is rotated 90 deg counter clockwise after stack.


Sunset at 20h13m, when transit was still in progress.


This was the setup I used for the transit (except for the camera which was being used to take this picture):

– Celestron CGEM
– AT111 EDT (white), F/7, full aperture Baader AstroSolar visual filter
– AT72ED (black), F/6, 2″ diagonal, 9mm Nagler T6 EP.


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