2012/05/20 Annular Eclipse Photo Gallery

This post includes some photos taken during the annular eclipse, click here to see the details of the eclipse viewing event.

This photo combines 15 photos taken at various phases of the annular eclipse, shows the shadow of the moon creeping in front of the sun from the West (bottom) to the East (top). Click here for the full size photo.

Annular, from 2nd to 3rd contact.
ISO100, 1/800s

Annular phase: 9-photo composite, click here for the full size photo.

17h16m54s, 1/500s @ ISO 100 
First bite, 6 sunspot groups also marked.

18h28m52s, 1/800s @ ISO 100
2nd contact

18h31m03s, 1/800s @ ISO 100
Greatest eclipse

You may notice that the “ring of fire” was a little bit off towards the North (right) because the my site was a few miles south of predicted center line.

18h33m15s, 1/800s @ ISO 100
3rd contact

18h17m43s, 1/800s @ ISO 100
Solar Eclipse

The moon was about to cover sunspot 1486.

19h32m06s, 1/640s @ ISO 100
Approaching 4th contact

Sun was low in the west horizon and partially blocked by the clouds. Taken at 19h32m06s.

Arguably, the most dramatic view of annular eclipse is bailey bead, though not as splendid as diamond rings of total eclipse. This was my first annular eclipse observation and I failed to capture the most beautiful bailey beads (I should have taken more pictures near 2nd and 3rd contact, probably 1s apart for 10s). Nevertheless I got some nice shots.

The followings are 3 composites of bailey beads, each contains 3 pictures taken ~1/4s apart. You can see that there was noticeable change in the appearance of bailey beads even in this very short period of time, esp in 2 3rd contact composites.




Though not as spectacular as bailey beads, it was still thrill to watch the sunspots disappearing behind and appearing from the shadow. The following two pictures – each with 4 photos stacked – show the occultation of sunspot AR1484.

SolarEclipse_20120520_Sunspot_Ingress SolarEclipse_20120520_Sunsport_Egress

I also created a time lapse video, which can be accessed here. It shows eclipse progress every minute.


My Kid and My Equipments

– Celestron CGEM
– AT111 EDT, F/7 (White)
– Full aperture Baader AstroSolar visual filter
– AT72 ED F/6 (Black)
– Canon T3i


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