1998 Leonids

This is my first astro photo, a Leonids fireball striking through Big Dipper, taken on midnight of 11/17/1998 at Beijing, China.

In 1998, Leonids was predicted to be at its maximum at that night and China was the best place to watch it. I went to Peking Univ Changping campus as the light pollution in Beijing was so severe that limiting magnitude was merely 3rd. There were lots of students gathered at athlete field watching the meteor shower. I observed maybe a few dozens of Leonids throughout entire night, but only a very few were bright fireballs, more meteors but much less fireball than the night before, according to the report.

I also setup a Nikon camera and managed to capture only one meteor, but fortunately it was one of the brightest firewalls at that night. It was about as bright as Venus and exploded at end, since I heard a fire cracker like sound when it disappeared.


Leonid Fireball and Big Dipper